DDoS Protection now provided as Standard

4U Servers are pleased to announce that with immediate effect all customers with dedicated, co-location and IP transit services will have their services protected by our in house DDoS filtering and scrubbing centre with upto 2 Tbps DDOS Protection included to all customers at no additional charge.

Our monitoring and detection system uses complex algorithms to analyse traffic and route it through our filtering devices in the event of a large service affecting DDoS attack.
We have invested heavily in Riorey’s RG series protection devices which are known within the industry to be the most powerful DDoS Protection engine in the world filtering upto 72 million packets per second.

Over the last six months we have been integrating these devices within our UK network and are now able to offer all customers the protection from large denial of service attacks without having to route any traffic through third party DDoS protection.


With our new protection system customers can opt to have traffic permanently routed through our DDoS scrubbing centre allowing for “inline” protection if required, detailed attack statistics including the type of attack, country of origin(s) and scale are available as well as the option to customise the level of protection.

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